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Saint Matthew’s Churches’ clergy members each have been ministering for decades from thirty to fifty years. Our churches do not lift our bishops, pastors, missionaries or evangelists into a religious celebrity status, as spiritual heroes of faith, because if a church is built around one clerical personality, and that person dies, then that church will suffer. Jesus said: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” St. John 12:32. That is the reason your sermon letters are signed, “Saint Matthew’s Churches”.

All prayer requests to our church ministry are mailed to Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is located in the center of America and is where Saint Matthew’s Churches’ books and records are maintained, separate from the church. The same legal counsel has guided Saint Matthew’s Churches for three and a half decades on how the Internal Revenue Service and state governments want the church to operate. Our phone numbers are: 918-582-7167 and 918-583-3452. Our telephone numbers are also listed with information in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have another website besides this one that you are visiting. If you need more information, and to read testimonies of answered prayers, go to:

 Saint Matthew’s does not have churches located in Tulsa, Oklahoma at this time, and we are not connected to any church in Oklahoma, or any of the fifty states that may also be named Saint Matthew’s, of which there are thousands nationally and internationally. Again, pray for us, and when and if we ever build a Saint Matthew’s Church in your area, you will receive a special church sermon package with all of the information about it, if you are on our free, church sermon mailing list. You who attend one of Saint Matthew’s Churches know who we are, from our church’s free literature that you receive from us.

If you have a prayer request, such as a family problem, a health situation or if you want to be born again and “saved” so you may enter heaven when your earthly life is completed, or if you have a broken heart and need prayer, just write to us here at Prayer Box 21210, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74121, and tell us, a more than half of a century old church, we will be honored, to get down on our knees with our Bibles and lift your and your family’s needs up, before the Father in prayer. We have received all types of letters, from across the nation, telling us how people are being blessed, saved and sanctified after they let Saint Matthew’s Churches unite in prayer with them. All prayer requests are given to our distinctive prayer department, where your needs will be prayed over.

It is important that when corresponding with Saint Matthew’s Churches, you mail your prayer requests to us here in Tulsa, where our mail is opened by a secular company under the strictest security, and where every dollar and every letter is recorded.

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