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Saint matthew’s churches
, more than a half-century old, ARE preaching the gospel of jesus christ and SAINT MATTHEW'S CHURCHES IS giving away FREE, BIBLICAL Prayer Rugs OF FAITH.  the Altars on whICH we pray, MEDITATE and worship are sacred places and sacred spaces A SACRED PLACE TO PRAY can EVEN be IN OUR HOMES

Saint Matthews Church believes church is a house of God, dedicated exclusively for public worship, a sacred building dedicated to divine worship for the use of all the faithful and the public exercise of religion.  When you step through the doors of a church, you are leaving the outer world behind and entering God’s house of holiness, dedicated to GodThe church is a holy place of worship in a world filled with sin and sorrow.  Your home can also be a sacred place of prayer.

Why does Saint Matthew’s Churches give away free, biblical, faith prayer rugs for people on which to kneel and pray in their homes?  More than a billion people worldwide use prayer rugs to kneel and pray upon.  Saint Matthew’s Churches gives free prayer rugs away as a reminder for people to use in their homes as a sacred spot where they can meet God in prayer.  Many people, for various reasons, cannot attend church regularly, so St Matthews Church encourages people to pray in their homes and set aside times to seek God in prayer.  We pray over the free prayer rugs so they may be a holy and sacred place to pray in your home.  These faith, prayer rugs are a reminder of Daniel as he went to a window three times to pray daily (Daniel 6:10).  And, Peter went upon his roof to pray (Acts 10:9).  Jesus sent people to water, like the River Jordan, as part of his instructions in worshippingJesus, Himself, went to a grove of olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane and prayed (St. Matthew 26:36).

The power is in the faith.  There is no power in the free prayer rugs or the Acts 19:11,12 handkerchiefs; they are symbols of faith, just as holy anointing oil was used in the Bible, at James 5:14.   That James 5:14 oil had no power.   The power is in prayer and faith.   The wafer communion

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